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Another draft scheme by I-Echo #visualis


We are a landscape design and visualisation company lead by Marc Piechocki , that will transform your garden with exceptional design and beautiful use of  space. Whether you are a private client or a developer we are able to create a stunning design for your garden which is both alluring and practical, echoing all your aspirations. 

A garden is defined by our clients, whether they value space to entertain and dine or just relax. The garden could be for family exertion or a solitary sanctuary, whatever your requirements, we will use what space you have and mould a design to fit. Communication is a key element of design and I-Echo prides itself on communicating with clarity and consistency. 


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Marc Piechocki 


Marc Piechocki owner  and lead designer of I-Echo started out in the world of Garden design 17 years ago, having a talent for design but a yearning for the outdoors, Garden design combined the two perfectly. Marc has been lead designer for a number of well-known designers over the years and has developed his knowledge, style and never dwindling enthusiasm for improving gardens. Nearly 4 years ago he launched his own company with a vision of creating a design practice, which was at the cutting edge of design and uses new visualisation technology to communicate to his clients. I-Echo was derived from Marc's surname which originates from his Grandfather who was a Polish navigator who fought for Britain during the second world war.    

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