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ELEVATE by I-Echo  


Introducing Elevate: Your Ultimate Custom Building App

Elevate is your all-in-one solution for effortlessly configuring modular building products, now available as a white-label web and mobile app. Our cutting-edge platform features a sleek and responsive UI, fully customisable to align perfectly with your brand identity.

Unlock a World of Possibilities:
- Create scalable buildings and structures with ease.
- Swap and adjust elements seamlessly to meet your specific needs.
- Send designs as QR codes directly to your customers' email.
- Provide instant cost estimates based on selected configurations.
- Export detailed plans and elevations as PDF files.
- Visualise your products in real-world settings using augmented reality within the mobile app.

Tailored Structures:
Our intuitive tools precisely match your products, adjusting seamlessly to accommodate different sizes. Need posts to support a specific span width? No problem! We can integrate them into your customer's model, ensuring clear communication and zero surprises.

Flexible Elements:
Swapping building elements has never been smoother. Elevate considers all constraints, whether it's scaling doors and windows to fit gaps or adjusting gaps to meet required sizes. From adjacency to size and positional constraints, we've got you covered.

Effortless Data Management:
Say goodbye to complex data storage solutions. We've chosen a user-friendly approach to keep costs low, avoid GDPR headaches, and keep customers engaged. Elevate encodes the entire design into a QR code, which can be emailed directly to the customer, facilitating a seamless transition to your sales team.

Instant Cost Estimates:
No more manual data entry! Elevate offers upfront cost estimates based on the design, allowing customers to see the financial implications of their choices effortlessly.

Detailed Plans and Elevations:
Our Elevate Web App empowers you to export PDFs with comprehensive plans and elevations of your customer's designs. To safeguard your intellectual property, this feature can be restricted to administrators or handed over to customers for creative exploration.

Augmented Reality at Your Fingertips:
Experience the future of sales with the Elevate mobile app, featuring an impressive augmented reality (AR) feature. Customers and sales reps can use their phone cameras to visualise products in real-world environments, from any angle and on any surface. Elevate's AR capability is a game-changer in showcasing your offerings.

Elevate - Where Imagination Meets Innovation. Elevate your sales potential today!


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